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Retail Franchise (Australia)

This leading international food franchise brand sought competitive advantage in a hostile, growth market. A complex licensee co-operative decision process within matrix organisation resulted in longer ‘to market’ responses against aggressive price competition. 
  • Identified critical transformation catalysts, partnering key operations and licensee groups to identify performance improvement opportunities which led to reduced `time-to-market' by 50%
  • Researched, developed and implemented best practice store retail marketing program. 
  • Key result:
    A record 22 months of consecutive market share growth in highly competitive market

International public brand (Paris)

A loss of funding and lack of experience in private sector partnerships represented substantial challenges for this leading international institution.

  • Inter-departmental funding competition and lack of cohesive partnership strategy diluted partner business proposition.
  • Quickly gained content expertise to aid strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and credible process consulting as trusted advisor.
  • Identified critical proposition strengths and addressed organisational barriers to private sector engagement.
  • Facilitated co-development of `whole of house’ partnership cooperation mechanism including governance structures.
  • Co-developed partnership strategy and management tools including strategic planning template and structured mutual partnership benefits.
  • Key result:
    Engagement of strategic partners creating multi US$M value and creation of global co-branding opportunities. 
    Achieved strategic alignment of project as agency’s best practice delivering stakeholder value.

Manufacturing Value Chain (Asia Pacific)

Increased global raw product demand resulted in this leading health care brand facing a barrage of low-cost entrants within SE Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka).

  • Established enterprise-wide engagement in key supply & market demand issues.
  • Addressed supply risk by securing key contracts with company plants and outsourced strategic 3rd party manufacturing in Asia.
  • Change management included implementation of TQM standards.
  • Key Result:
    Maintained market share leadership against low priced entrants whilst launching innovative products in new markets (infection control-12% share within 12 months, food safety-50% share within 24 months)

Non-Profit Brand: Human Services (Australia)

Leading human services institution (70+ programs), dependant on govt. funding, sought transformation to address new growth opportunity (AUD$15b philanthropic market)

  • Performed diagnostics to analyse planning/work processes, assessment plans (individuals/team) to identify barriers
  • Engaged, mentored and coached key catalysts within Executive Leadership Team, Business & Organisation Development teams
  • Developed internal consulting role, as a centre of knowledge, developing key HR/ business partnerships
  • Co-developed strategic planning process that engaged stakeholders and partners
  • Deployed structured learning and development programs to support transformation initiatives

Key result:
High level of organisation wide engagement with re-engineered strategic planning and marketing/communication processes resulted in record brand awareness & 15% year-on-year income increase