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It was pleasure to host the session on Creativity & Innovation and facilitate panel discussion during what was a stimulating deep dive into the all pervasive impact of digital technology.
Here are my top 5 insights:
1.” (Instead) ask yourself what won’t change, and then put all your energy and effort into those things.” (Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO)

2. New wide ranging skill sets for the future: AI, automation, VR, data analysis (core skill across all roles) = More access to life-long learning pathways !

3. Open/agile leadership across sectors (Public, Private, NFP):

  • Zoom in/out from various perspectives: CFO/CEO/CMO/COO
  • Learning culture to embrace data…but don’t worship it!
  • Reflect on problem statements to ID desired outcomes= drive relevant data insights
  • Demystify the abstract & esoteric to engage your people:

E.g. Creativity- human realm of imagination & ideas

Innovation- dedicated ongoing process that brings ideas to reality (products, programs, services)

4. Digital transformation is really about continuous business transformation/agility

  • Data insights are driving change in business models
  • Connect to adjacent ecosystems to mitigate risk/disruption
  • Increasing trend of disintermediation= customer direct engagement

5. AI- the new corporate mission: Google, Microsoft go from Mobile First to AI First Companies

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