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Inaugural ASEAN-Australia Education Dialogue hashtagAAED2018  has been great for person-to-person connectivity and institutional linking. Collaborations and cross-sector partnerships for education (private sector, public, NFP) are more than ever about bringing together diverse stakeholders. Why? So we can seek solutions in a more integrative, creative way, to resolve the major global and regional challenges we face. These are also common, global challenges faced in striving for socioeconomic inclusion, which mitigates conflict, and preservation of people and planet (ASEAN region represents 10% of global population and 5th largest economy). Education is a key means of achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals hashtagglobalgoals How? By galvanising all education sectors around these imperatives. By continued dialogue and cooperation. By partnerships based on trust, shared value proposition, agreed planning/governance frameworks directed at clear `human’ outcomes that also benefit planet. This is what we’ve initiated at the hashtagAAED2018. Honoured to be on the organising committee. Please join us in  commitment to continued dialogue, collaboration and sustainable partnerships.

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