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It was a pleasure to chair the technology stream at ADMA’s Global Forum (30-31st August, Sydney). This year the discussion moved from supply side tech innovation to a greater focus on tech’s ability to humanise the customer at the centre of decision-making.


  • Unravelling human truths as e-solutions

Developments in AI are actually compelling more insights and discussions about what it means to be human (a customer, an employee, a citizen)


  • Solve your customers’ pain points

The key focus on the digital customer journey is to eliminate friction points across stages of discovery, purchase and post purchase (applicable across for profit, NFP and public sectors)


  • It’s no longer about supply side branding; it’s about bonding, uniting tribes of like-minded people


  • Size matters: Large organisations have additional challenges in transforming hierarchical and clan sub-cultures to flexible organisations that foster innovation. Key to change is engagement around the execution of a renewable customer value proposition (as a strategy to deal with disruption)


  • The new leadership paradigm in context of innovation, disruption and complexity: Diversity and inclusion means never being afraid of learning from anyone


  • Opportunity for brands (private/public sectors) to win public trust: The positive, enabling approach to Increasing data privacy regulatory compliance. Only with established trust will full benefits of e-economy and e-citizenship be realised. See GDPR





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