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Global shocks reveal the objective reality of a complex and interconnected world, engendering integrated and innovative human responses. The Spanish flu of 1918 produced such changes, including the democratization of healthcare as an ethical public good commensurate with the negative impacts of an indiscriminate pandemic. The learning outcomes from Covid-19 should be further reaching, given

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Partnering for innovation- A roadmap to economic resilience

From the invention of the boomerang to the medical application of penicillin and the invention of the Cochlear bionic ear, Australians have shown themselves to be an inventive lot. If necessity is the mother of invention, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic should produce a resurgent wave of Australian innovation across industry, government and the

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Top Insights from Global Forum 2018

It was a pleasure to chair the technology stream at ADMA’s Global Forum (30-31st August, Sydney). This year the discussion moved from supply side tech innovation to a greater focus on tech’s ability to humanise the customer at the centre of decision-making.   Unravelling human truths as e-solutions Developments in AI are actually compelling more